Wellington And Victoria Point Photography Session

Photography Session Wellington And Victoria Point, Brisbane, Queensland. Australia

Up before the sparrows we headed to the  popular coastal village, Wellington Point,  situated in the Redlands. Bordered by water on both sides Wellington Point is a weekend hot-spot for picnic goers, families, boaties and those who love a bit of vitamin sea.

As you arrive you are greeted by a range of boutique eateries and friendly cafes where you can stop in for a lazy brunch before you continue your journey down the road towards the picturesque Wellington Point Reserve. Scattered with historic Moreton Bay Fig Trees, sandy beaches, barbecue areas and playground equipment this pretty park is a destination in itself. The iconic wooden jetty and frequent fairy floss sunsets make this little spot an Instagrammers delight, but we were here for sunrise. The treats of this coastal village continue when on low tide a sandbar emerges creating a natural bridge from the reserve to your very own islet, King Island.

A definite bucket list item to experience is the unique sea walk between King Island and Wellington Point at low tide.  Although popular for its waterside playground and impressive climbing trees, visitors to Wellington Point will benefit from checking the tidal conditions first as its only as the waters ebb away to their lowest point that the natural sand walkway stretching between the point and King Island, situated about 1km offshore, is revealed. The island itself, now a conservation park, is a combination of sandy pathways alongside twisted trees and surrounded by mangroves.  Although uninhabited now, the island was once the home for a family for medicinal reasons in the early 1900s and plaques set up on the island tell the story of the two years they lived there in a temporary dwelling on a sand dune.  A letter from Mr Philips to his sister Jo is in the possession of the Wynnum Manly historical society, depicting their life during the brief sojourn on the island. Although the island is only small this experience is really all about the journey itself.  The 2km round trip is suitable for all ages and is much loved by kids in particular as the retreating waters leave behind a pathway that is usually littered with an array of different marine life such as curling shells and small mud crabs just waiting to be discovered.  Although it is important to keep an eye on the tide to make sure you don’t lose your pathway back, many people and children who are a little older like to make the trip as the path starts to dwindle – half paddling / half walking the route. Unfortunately the council doesn’t allow dogs; we haven’t wanted to do the trek.

 We then dropped past and grabbed a coffee before heading to Raby Bay Foreshore Park so Shari could have a run on the beach with heaps of other early morning furry friends. More than just a park that ticks the boxes for your mutt, owners can set up undercover at a picnic table to watch them run into the water, again, again and again.

The next day we were out again near Cleveland, checking out the Victoria Point Markets (previously known as the Whitehouse Markets) which are a boutique market selling arts and crafts, handmade items, vintage and pre-loved clothes, toys, household items and supporting local small business and the community. Held every three months at the beautiful historic Whitehouse in Victoria Point these markets are the perfect place to pick up a beautiful unique gift, shop for a new outfit or amazing Market find and support local business.

As busy as we are, we need to go out and claim that alone time. We must make it a priority.

Another big benefit to our relationship is just that I feel loved when Tony takes the lead in planning a weekend like this; I am so grateful that he does it. It’s an awesome way for him to show me his love.

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