Brisbane Lookout Mt Coottha Photography Session


Brisbane Lookout Mt Coot-tha – Brisbane’s Best Views, Photography Session, Queensland. Australia


The best light for landscape photography is first thing in the morning and the last light of the day. It definitely is worth getting up nice and early to capture a great sunrise. So, get out there, take some photos, and see what you can discover.

4:00am – Brisbane North, Queensland. Australia – The alarm on my phone goes off to wake us up…..while it’s a Sunday! How rude. But it was finally time to put all the sunrise photography tips I’d taught Kim to put into practice. We grabbed Shari and jumped in the ute to Mt Coot-tha.

“Why is Mt Coot-tha special?” – someone from out of town might ask.
For TV presenters, it is the HQ of television towers, sending constant signals across Brisbane. Avid bike riders look upon it as a challenge as teams of lycra ascend the mountain each morning punishing themselves with that leg burn.

But for most, it is the closest mountain to the CBD offering a panoramic view of the city, ways to spend a day and the perfect spot for a picnic. Transport yourself to the western suburbs of Brisbane for a Mt Coot-tha expedition of bush walks, fantastic scenery, gardens galore

As the closest elevation point to the CBD, Mt Coot-tha is the place to go to take in a panoramic view of Brisbane and get glimpses of the surrounding region of Moreton Bay. As you walk the length of the observation deck, you can read a historic timeline of this iconic destination before popping a gold coin in one of the telescopes for a closer look at the suburbs below. Or head there at sunrise like we did this morning to see the city radiate in a golden glow as day breaks, go by day for the picturesque backdrop or visit at night for a romantic fairyland of glittering city lights and starry skies. The sun doesn’t need to be in the photo to show its influence. Daybreak is a world people rarely glimpse, but is worth the effort.

There are no guarantees that watching the sunrise will take away your seasonal sadness. The sun doesn’t have an ad budget or marketing campaign to make promises. However, sunlight is free and extremely reliable: Every day, it rises without fail, and its light brings a lot of impressive benefits. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that the morning sun worked wonders on my mood. In the morning, even as the sun brightens, nothing is really clear. You don’t know how the day will go or what the future holds. Uncertainty can be scary, but during a sunrise that uncertainty is luminous. Ready to wake up with the sun? Here are the best places in Brisbane to watch the sunset and sunrise. Watching the sunrise is a no-cost adventure that can be experienced almost anywhere. Every day, the sun will rise. All we have to do is rise with it.



Perfect for: Perspective along the jetty at sunrise and sunset.


Perfect for: Epic reflections. Set your alarm! Nudgee Beach is a great sunrise spot.


Perfect for: Sunsets, cityscapes and picnics.


Perfect for: Sunsets and cityscapes across the Brisbane River.


Perfect for: Sunrise city views from above, dreamy cloud-filled panoramas and silhouettes.


Perfect for:Sunrise and sunset across the bay (followed by some fresh fish and chips).


Perfect for: Sunrise and sunset spots a-plenty around Moreton Island!


Perfect for: Straddie is an all-rounder with super hot sunrises on the eastern side and chilled out, colourful sunsets on the western beaches.


Perfect for: Sunrises, sunsets and stars across the valley below Tamborine Mountain.


Perfect for: Sunsets and night prettiness across Lake Moogerah.

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