Night Out Four Winds Revolving Restaurant Gold Coast

Dinner – Four Winds Revolving Restaurant, Gold Coast. Australia

In 2015 we meet Julie and Richard on a Grand Tour of Europe and we have kept in touch ever since. They were up from Wollongong for a short holiday, so we drove down the coast to catch up and have dinner at Four Winds 360 Restaurant.

Four Winds 360 is a must-visit Gold Coast restaurant that offers a dining experience like no other. Four Winds 360 is the only revolving restaurant in Queensland, with spectacular views, and mouthwatering Seafood and Australian Fusion Menu.

Perched high up on the 26th floor, there are sweeping views of the Gold Coast’s golden sands stretching out in yawning beauty. You can pick out iconic buildings, north and south and, looking west, waterways twinkle like a school of bait fish. Beyond, the Hinterland stands guard like a mountain of green. There’s interest in every direction outside the restaurant, 360 degree views to the four winds.

Inside, the restaurant circles bundt-like around the hotel’s lift core. Tables are one or two deep against the floor to ceiling windows, the inner tables placed on an upper tier, allowing a great view from every single table, group tables stretching across to the breadth. We order our drinks, and head off to discover the food.

The mainly Asian & Seafood buffet is arranged in four stations around the curve.

Conversations wandered off into the memory of where we were and what we were doing this time 2015. Battling jetlag, scams, crankiness, the small sizes of some of the hotels, some of the company, the dreaded virus and finding out places were not as picturesque as they looked online.

The service we experienced was cordial and efficient, water refilled, food stations replenished, plates and finger bowls replaced on our table. Best of all was the stunning view, to enjoy as we relaxed for the full 70 minute rotation.

Traveling through Europe with Richard and Julie created an amazing, life-long memories.

It’s walking in the footsteps of our ancestors. It’s exploring the poignant moments which change the way you see the world forever.

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