Dutton Park To St Lucia Campus Walk


Dutton Park To St Lucia Campus Walk, Brisbane, Queensland. Australia

The gorgeous grounds of the University of Queensland are the backdrop for this scenic Brisbane river walk, which circumnavigates the historic centre of learning dating from 1921.

UQ’s John Oxley Walk has something for everyone. This gorgeous track that loops the St Lucia campus grounds and runs alongside the river is perfect for wildlife spotting, cycling, walking and jogging, and has a deep connection with Queensland’s long history. The John Oxley Walk honours the life of explorer John Oxley, Surveyor General of New South Wales and the man credited with discovering the Brisbane and Tweed rivers in Queensland.


The route also goes past a series of memorial trees: these represent the University’s thanks to the family and friends of those who donated the bodies of loved ones to advancing the education of UQ’s medical students. I started the Dutton Park end of the Eleanor Schonell (‘Green’) Bridge before moving into the beautiful grounds of UQ and following a soft and smooth compacted dirt track. On the path you will soon see the gorgeous University Lakes. You’ll most probably want to take another diversion, from the path, to see the lakes at close quarters. There’s a lovely footbridge under which eels and turtles swim as well as ducks and other water birds.


Once back on the John Oxley walking track (which is also called Sir William MacGregor Drive) you will pass numerous colleges; St Leo’s Emmanuel, St John’s, turn left on Upland Road, pass King’s College. Follow the river, while checking out the University grounds and buildings (some dating back to 1921). Walk a little way to the UQ Sailing Club and the BBC Rowing Club. Have a quick look by the river because there are some spectacular looking old Queensland homes across the river from here. After about ten minutes you will see the Eleanor Schonell Bridge to transfer you back to Dutton Park side.

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