Walk Jindalee to Rocks Riverside Park 

Walk Jindalee to Rocks Riverside Park, Brisbane, Queensland. Australia

Amazons Aquatic Adventureland at Jindalee was a popular tourism destination from the late 70s to the 90s with waterslides and adventure-based obstacle courses.


We started adjacent to the Centenary Highway bridge at Amazons Place, the delightfully scenic walking track of about 5km return and heads east away from the highway, bordered by towering gums and winding its way across shady meadows until eventually it joins up with the spectacular Rocks Riverside Park.


Studded along the way there are benches and several picnic shelters as well as a playground featuring a flying fox. Meander off the track to the river and the odd industrial ruin from the coral crushing days lies decaying on its edge – rusted drums, crumbled jetties and the remnants of a loading hoist, while halfway along is an iron and concrete sculpture commemorating the history of the area.

There’s also a healthy dose of bird and animal life, so keep your eyes peeled for a koala perched high up in the trees.

Once inside the River Rocks Park, the track loops around past the many features back to the river front for the return.

Rocks Riverside Park has so many attractions, that it’s hard to know where to start. It has a massive recreational zone which was rebuilt after the 2011 Brisbane floods. Open grassy spaces meet on one side with the Brisbane River and on the other with the disused cement works. Many historic industrial touches have been left in place and great photo opportunities.

Plus, if you start out at Amazon Place, you’ll be visiting the DFO for a coffee.

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