Newport to Scarborough Marina Waterfront Walk


Newport to Scarborough Marina Waterfront, Redciffe Walk

From the north-west, all the way down to the south side, Redcliffe’s sundrenched beaches and foreshore parklands offer enough variety, attractions and Redcliffe swimming opportunities to entice beachgoers, fitness enthusiasts, dog owners, foodies, families, couples and solo sunseekers. You won’t find any Redcliffe swimming beaches along the north-west section of Newport and Scarborough, however, you will discover plenty of parkland featuring fantastic shared paths, welcoming leashed pups and views stretching all the way from the far end of Endeavour Esplanade to the marina. This scenic section is dotted with a few fitness stations and is ideal for waterside picnics, BBQs, and long jogs or walks, especially at sunset.


I started the walk at the Endeavour Park on Endeavor Esplanade where you have northern views to Deception Bay and the Glass House Mountains. This quiet and sheltered spot makes it an ideal location for a family picnic. Along Endeavour Esplanade, offers some spectacular sunset images as the sun sets over Deception Bay. There are different sections along this foreshore that can be used. One has a beachy (or mudflat area) with a bit of sand for the kids to play in or you have the leafy trees and of course the water behind you.


We turned around at Scarborough Marina which is in the protected all-weather Scarborough Boat Harbour on the tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula. The marina provides direct access to the cruising waters of beautiful Moreton Bay as well as local and offshore fishing grounds. Nearby destinations include Moreton Island, Pumicestone Passage, Redcliffe and many other boating destinations. Close to the marina are restaurants, coffee shops and other facilities.

The scenic path offers a lot of shade and benches along the way as well as water fountains to fill your water bottles. The path is dog friendly and there are dog bowls along the path to keep your pets hydrated.

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