Photography Session Cabbage Tree Creek


Photography Session Cabbage Tree Creek, Brisbane, Queensland. Australia

Up early I penciled a walk from Cabbage Tree Creek to Shorncliffe Pier following the dirt track bellow the cliffs. Walking North of Baxter’s Jetty you can make your way around by the shore eventually to Moora Park and Shorncliffe Pier in Bramble Bay. This walk seems popular for all ages and also for those with dogs.


I drove along the esplanade, following the waterline around to Cabbage Tree Creek, the road is now Sinbad Road. You will pass two of the boating clubs housed there. There are many lawned parks and places for children to run around and burn off their energy, and there are great spots for a picnic lunch or just to sit and enjoy the seaside scenery. It is a lovely area to walk too. There are a number of food outlets in the area if you do not have your own picnic supplies. The waterfront is not far from the Shorncliffe Railway Station, or the Shorncliffe Pier.


Upon entering the path I noticed it was high tide and extremely long grass each side, so to air on caution of snakes I turned the morning into scouting for a future morning or afternoon photo shoot. As tempting as it is to just show up at a convenient location and start shooting, you greatly increase your chances of success by planning the shoot in advance. The first thing you’ll want to determine is the best location from which to shoot.


The Shorncliffe area always has a mix of purples, pinks, oranges and yellows and the mirror image that springs from the water when the tide is in ensures there’s an army of keen snappers lining up with their tripods to catch the perfect sunrise. One of Brisbane’s best kept seafood secrets, the Shorncliffe Trawlers, lies in the inlet of Cabbage Tree Creek. Dotted along the Sinbad St stretch can be found a line-up of fishing trawlers who moor here after their seafood catching adventures at sea. Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings are spent selling their catch fresh (prawns, bugs, crabs etc) to the public-in-the-know, who rock up with freezer bags and eskies. If you are looking for a beautiful way to spend a few hours or longer then Baxter’s Jetty is definitely in the perfect area.


Go early morning or early evening and you’re guaranteed to get stunning skies, bay breezes or a combo of the two. Also it’s completely flat and play areas abound, so the kids can cut loose while you stroll.

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