Pizzey Park Gold Coast Dog Park


Prizzey Park Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.  Best Dog Off Leash Park.

Off-leash parks are being established by many local councils and are an important component of urban animal management due to increasing housing densities, resulting in more people living with their dogs in apartments or other homes without yards. Off-leash dog parks have many benefits for dogs and their owners. They provide the opportunity for dogs to exercise, socialise with other dogs, enjoy the fresh air, practice training techniques, play games and generally race around and burn off energy.

They also provide essential mental stimulation and prevent the development of problem behaviours such as destructiveness or excessive barking. Despite their growing popularity, off-leash dog parks are not suitable for all dogs. Remember that off-leash parks are public areas that are not supervised by trained staff in a controlled environment. It is highly inadvisable to take your dog to an off-leash park until they have undergone basic training, followed by more advanced training. You need to be confident that your dog will reliably come to you when called. If you feel unable to keep your dog under control, he or she is not ready for an off-leash park.

One of our favourite locations is Pizzey Park Miami, and well worth the travel. Fields bordered by incredible pine forests and an amazing lake. Dogs are allowed off leash in the lake area, allowing those water babies to truly shine. There is plenty of possible variety and amazing colour coming from the pine forest floor. On particularly hot days, Pizzey Park provides a welcome alternative to the hot sand beaches on the coast.

It is forested and has a freshwater lake along with a fenced in agility area for your dogs to enjoy. There is also a walking circuit around the lake where you can join your pup in their exercise. There are also plenty of waste bag dispensers strategically placed within the park. While we walk the lap of the lake, Shari (Pup) tries to stay in the water as long as she can. Walking the circuit is a great way for you and your dog to experience the world together. Adventure to new places; take in the sights and smells around you. You’ll be surprised at the result.




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