Jack Gordon Walk Redland Bay



Jack Gordon Walk Redland Bay, Queensland. Australia

Early morning we checked out another quiet and peaceful walk at Redland Bay. Redland Bay is a charming and friendly bayside suburb with a village ambience and sea breezes. Situated at the southern end of Redlands Coast and is the departure point for the Southern Islands. Regular passenger ferry and vehicular barge services depart from the Redland Bay Marina, Banana Street, Redland Bay.

Redland Bay is 25km, or a 30 minute drive from Brisbane CBD. From the coastal village of Wellington Point – known for its great fishing, boating and water sports – to Victoria Point, where seaside parks and esplanades draw family and friends to picnic, cycle and swim, the Redlands offers a charming experience. In the hinterland find the award-winning Sirromet Winery and experience natural bushland at IndigiScapes.


One of Brisbane bayside’s most beautiful walks and picturesque paths at Redland Bay is Jack Gordon Pathway, featuring tiny red sand beaches and stunning island views, is also one of the best kept secrets.  With lush rainforest plants, calm waters and quiet picnic spots featured along Redland Bay’s Jack Gordon Pathway. The paved, stroller-friendly pedestrian/cycle path covers  roughly two-kilometre stretch from Sel Outridge Park to the Redland Bay Golf Club.

We started our walk from Sel Outridge Park and quickly found ourselves being transported from an open bayside morning sunrise to a thickly-wooded rainforest and a flight of concrete stairs that lead up to the historic Redland Bay Hotel, with a beer garden overlooking the sea. Before long we had emerged from the forest and were once again hugging the shore of this calm section of Moreton Bay with the sun slowly emerging over the horizon.


We continued on another kilometre or so down the track and came across a bayside beach and later on a quiet waterside picnic area complete with BBQs. Several park benches also line the path if you’re in need of a rest. Along the way are gorgeous vistas across to Stradbroke Island and other small islands in the vicinity. Where the path meets the Esplanade again there is the option of heading up hill to where a row of mansions enjoy the spectacular ocean and island views or stick to the lower path, which takes in the little BBQ spot.


Upon arrival at the golf course, you can turn around and take the path back again or  as we did take the higher road which rejoins the seafront path after about 50m and walk into the lush rainforest again before reaching Sel Outridge Park.

We continued past the car and through Sel Outridge Park and followed the path passed Stradbroke Ferries and turned around once we hit the Redland Bay Marina. It’s extremely fulfilling exploring local neighborhoods, looking at houses, birds, people, clouds, feeling the sunshine on my face, the wind in my hair. The Redlands Coast is a region defined as much by the water as it is by the mainland. On the shore, its bayside villages are filled with cute cafes, seaside fun and nature to explore, while the many islands dotting Moreton Bay (the jewel being North Stradbroke Island) operate on their own time zone with plenty of adventures to be had.

After the walk I headed Raby Bay Foreshore Park to give Shari (pup) a swim. The park is the perfect base for the day, especially if you can snare one of the covered picnic/barbecue shelters. While shade trees are fairly limited throughout the park, there is plenty of green open space to erect a shelter of your own. The longest stretch of beach is a designated off-leash dog area, complete with water bowls, rubbish bags and bins for the disposal of waste. The area is quite popular, so expect your pooch to come nose-to-nose with another four-legged friend.

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