Walk Around Lake Eden North Lakes


Walk Around Lake Eden North Lakes, Queensland. Australia

North Lakes is full of lakes, ponds and streams. It is a great place to go for stroll with several interlinked well maintained walking paths that will take you through parks, around lakes and alongside bushland. There is the option to get off the walk tracks and wander through bushland dirt tracks. There are several options for walking, from a short stroll around Lake Eden through to 10 kms or even further, all through park or bushland. This morning we did the circuit around Lake Eden.

Ask any local or recent visitor and they will agree that a highlight of North Lakes is the pristine Lake Eden. A stunning body of water in the town centre surrounded by parks, playgrounds, boardwalks, and cafes, Lake Eden is also home to large volume of wildlife and a thriving ecosystem. Lake Eden is used for an eclectic range of activities and the home to a large amount of community events and festivals. These are just a few of the things to do at Lake Eden in North Lakes.


The Lake Eden Trail weaves around the entire area of Lake Eden and is part of the council’s 10,000 steps program. No matter your fitness level you will fall in love with this walking track while you soak in the views of Lake Eden. At 1,676m from start to finish everyone from serious runners, casual walkers, and children can enjoy the Lake Eden Trail.


A rare sight has been spotted at Lake Eden, with the arrival of a pelican. The lake is home to eels, turtles, and many birdlife including swans and ducks, but the visit from a large adult pelican is getting tongues wagging. The pelican just happen to be there this morning on the log enjoying the sunrise as well.


Lake Eden is a beautiful location for local residents to relax and watch the birdlife on the lake, walk the dog, or have a picnic or BBQ. If you’re wanting to veer off the straight and narrow. You can do a short stroll around Lake Eden or a longer 8 – 10 km walk that starts at North Lakes Golf Course and ends at Lake Eden near the North Lakes Westfield. There’s a range of healthy cafes and restaurants right beside the lake too! North Lakes is a suburb of the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia, and is located  26 km north of the CBD.

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